Living spaces are no longer confined to indoors. Our beautiful climate makes the Northern Rivers region ideal for outdoor living areas including large patio entertaining areassweeping verandasartistic garden features and sumptuous pool and spa retreats.

Tiles are the natural choice of flooring for outdoor entertaining areas as they are durable, easy to care for and offer a virtually limitless combination of styles, shapes, textures, colours and patterns.
Decorated Earth specialise in creating unique designs which can add flair to any outdoor project.

New large-format tiles are the latest trend for floor areas. They can seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas. Decorated Earth specialise in laying large rectified tiles with the smallest joints possible (approximately 1.5mm) – bear in mind that large format tiles make joins more apparent, so keeping grout lines to a minimum helps achieve a flawless surface.



Tiles are a standout choice around pools, spas and outdoor bathrooms. Choosing a non-porous, stain resistant and salt-safe non-slip product will ensure you have a hard wearing, beautiful finish. The two main tiles used in outdoor applications are ceramic and porcelain however natural stone is one to always consider with it long lasting and timeless beauty. Both have different qualities and it’s important to choose a product that’s durable enough to be used in an outdoor setting.

For safety reasons pool and spa tiles need to be classified as non-slip.
This doesn’t mean that the tile must have a rough surface however, as some of the smoothest finishes are actually some of the most non-slip.

When designing the perfect pool, spa or outdoor bathroom the only limit is your imagination.
Decorated Earth specialise in working with your vision to create a truly unique and relaxing space.



The current trend toward large-format tiles creates magnificent entryways and helps create a feeling of space.
Available in a variety of finishes, including polished and non-polished porcelain, large-format tiles create a seamless floor finish.
The appearance of a wide tile expanse is enhanced by minimal grout lines.

Consider extending large-format tiles into outdoor living areas for a stunning, integrated finish.



While popular large-format tiles are effective in hallways, kitchens and living areas
they can create difficulties in smaller areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

When designing with large tiles in a bathroom, the position of the floor waste is crucial
and sometimes the introduction of a long drain is necessary due to the fall of the floor.

An alternate solution is to use a smaller format tile (going from perhaps a 600mm to a 300mm tile) in wet areas.

Bathrooms are also great areas of a house to introduce special wall and floor textures,
perhaps through the use of feature pebbles, mosaic tiles or encaustic patterned tiles.