Living spaces are no longer confined to indoors. Our beautiful climate makes the Northern Rivers region ideal for outdoor living areas including large patio entertaining areassweeping verandasartistic garden features and sumptuous pool and spa retreats.

Tiles are the natural choice of flooring for outdoor entertaining areas as they are durable, easy to care for and offer a virtually limitless combination of styles, shapes, textures, colours and patterns.
Decorated Earth specialise in creating unique designs which can add flair to any outdoor project.

New large-format tiles are the latest trend for floor areas. They can seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas. Decorated Earth specialise in laying large rectified tiles with the smallest joints possible (approximately 1.5mm) – bear in mind that large format tiles make joins more apparent, so keeping grout lines to a minimum helps achieve a flawless surface.


Tiles look sensational on decks, patios, porches and verandas.

Hardwearing and resistant to all elements, tiles are an obvious choice for outdoor areas. They can be laid to create gorgeous effects. Tiled coping is seen around the edges of pools but also gives a timeless and elegant finish to garden steps or raised walls.

Options for outdoor tiling are almost endless. Select from granite, sandstone, limestone and marble in different sizes and finishes.

If you’re tired of grey concrete underfoot outside, then welcome to the world of tiles.


Feature walls provide a stunning backdrop to outdoor pool and spa areas. They can form part of a water feature or to simply add contrast, texture and colour to your outdoor entertaining spaces.

This is where you can really let your imagination loose. Popular looks include stacked stone, which is available in a range of sizes and formats, and adds character, charm and warmth to any setting. It is also often used for internal or external wall cladding.

Mosaics are always impressive and can feature exquisite designs – transforming a wall into a work of art. Choose from glass, ceramic or marble. There are always new looks to watch out for, such as the European trend toward matchstick mosaics.

Feature walls transform a pool or spa into an outdoor sanctuary, offering privacy and creating a striking visual focal point. Lit up with a ground spotlight at night, the effect is simply breathtaking. Now that’s living.